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Aftercare Instructions

Tattoos are wounds. Following a simple aftercare regiment will help your tattoo heal properly.  Please do not hesitate to call us if you have any questions!

1. Leave bandage on for no longer than 2 hours (unless specified by your artist- there are some bandage types that can be left on for much longer)

2. Remove bandage and wash with clean hands, warm water, and a liquid fragrance free soap. Rinse thoroughly and always dry with a clean paper towel (no cloth). 

3. If and when possible, keep tattoo uncovered by clothing. Make sure to protect your tattoo from anything that could carry bacteria (pet hair, children's hands, bodily fluids).

4. First 48 hours should be dedicated to keeping your new tattoo clean and dry. Continue to wash and dry (repeat #2 above washing instructions)

5. After 48 hours, continue to wash and dry then add a moisturizer afterwards.  Moisturizer can be Aquaphor or a fragrance free lotion.  The moisturizer should be applied should not be able to see it on the surface of the skin.

6. Continue step 5 daily until tattoo is fully healed.  Avoid scratching or picking your tattoo.  Scabbing is normal.  Picking scabs will pull out the pigment creating fading or loss of color. Healing can take up to 4 weeks.

6. Enjoy your new tattoo! 

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